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Why Buy a Plug and Play Spa?

Why Buy a Plug and Play Spa?

Want a hot tub but don’t want to pay high installation costs? 

Aquaterra Spas offers 110v hot tubs that plug in to any standard electrical outlet - no need for custom wiring.


Aquaterra Spas offers both 110v Plug and Play spas and 230v standard spas. All our 110v spas can be converted to 230v to use the jets and heater at the same time. Keep reading to learn why you would choose a spa from our popular Plug and Play line.


  1. Plug and Play spas are renter friendly! Purchasing a 230v spa requires an electrician to rewire your home to make it safe for hot tubbing. As a renter, you probably don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars into a home that you don’t own. A Plug and Play hot tub can be conveniently plugged into a standard outlet, without any additional wiring. Plus, you can take it with you when you move! Your hot tub is not permanently installed to a specific location meaning you can bring your spa to your next home instead of leaving it at your rental location.
  2. They’re extremely portable! Besides moving your spa between your long-term residences, you can also take your spa with you for a weekend getaway. Our Plug and Play spas weigh between 244 lbs and 450 lbs when unfilled. You can easily drain your spa, strap it into your truck, and enjoy some hot tub time in a different location. All Plug and Play spas are made out of durable, rotationally molded polyethylene. Their sturdy shell and lower weight than acrylic hot tubs make Plug and Play spas perfect for the hot tubber on the go.
  3. Plug and Play spas are an easy way to add value to your property! If you have a rental property or vacation home, you can easily add to your getaway without the hassle of an electrician. A 110v spa is an inexpensive addition that will wow your guests.
  4. Cleaning is a breeze with a roto-molded spa! There is minimal miniatous required to upkeep our durable shells found on all Plug and Play models. To clean a roto hot tub, you have to follow 3 easy steps. 1 – drain your spa. 2 – wipe down your spa with a soft cloth. 3 – refill your with properly balanced water.

What's not to love? To browse our Plug and Play spa models, click here and look for spas with a green banner.