Aquaterra Spas

Hot Tub Modes

Hot Tub Modes

Aquaterra Spas are designed to be intuitive and simple to own. To make ownership as easy as possible, we’ve carefully crafted several preset operational modes that are accessible from your control panel. Switch to the appropriate mode to maintain your spa for years to come!

Aryana, Avila, Benicia, Brighton, Calavera, Grayson, Maderas, Miramar, Montecito, Montara, Newporter 3.0, Transport 3.0:

STANDARD MODE (St): The Standard Mode is the default operational mode preset from the factory. This mode is programmed to maintain the desired temperature with periodic water circulation (sampling) to sample and heat the water to the set temperature.

SLEEP MODE (Sl): The water will only heat during filter cycles. Water sampling only done during the filter cycle.

QUIET MODE (Nt): Keep the jet pump from running (water sampling) after the F2 filter cycle is complete for up to 11.5 hours. You can set this mode between 0.5 hours and 11.5 hours in half hour increments.

ECONOMY MODE (Ec): The spa will not heat. Water sampling only done during the filter cycle.

SMART WINTER MODE (SWM): The Smart Winter Mode (SWM) is used to prevent water from freezing in the plumbing of the spa. As soon as there is a risk of freezing, this protection automatically kicks in. The SWM protection will turn back off only after 24 hours without a risk of freezing. During this 24-hour period, the Smart Winter Mode icon remains on; the icon blinks when the purge is active.

OFF MODE: This mode allows you to stop all spa functions for 30 minutes to perform quick spa maintenance. To place the spa in OFF MODE, press and hold the Jets button for 5 seconds. The display will toggle between OFF and water temperature when in the OFF MODE. To stop the OFF MODE before the 30-minute cycle time is complete, simply tap (short press) the Jet button.


2-Pump Acrylics (Chesapeake, Fairfax, Ventura):

CLEANUP MODE (CLn): Press the Mode button to start the cleanup cycle for one minute. The display will show CLn” message. This mode forces a purge step of the programmed filter cycle and is useful when the user wishes to clean up the spa water after use without waiting for the next filter cycle purge. When active, the display will toggle between CLn and water temperature.

SOAK MODE (SbY): Press and hold the Mode button for 5+ seconds until SbY is displayed. The soak mode clears all pending user demands as well as filtration and smart winter mode. The only automatic feature that remains functional is the water temperature regulation.